In female prêt-à-porter, the « top » comprehends a great variety of articles of female clothing, for the upper part of the body. So, the top is an item that you generally wear directly on the skin to cover the upper part of the body. It can either have a collar or not and possibly also sleeves. The length varies depending on the different models and can be up to mid chest or to thighs. The neckline constitutes the highest line of a top. So, the top covers at least the chest and possibly the majority of the body between the top collar and the waist.

Top : when wearing it ?

The top is an essential piece of the female clothing. You may collect infinite samples of it and it gives  a touch of fashion to any dress. There are different tops for any season and occasion. Models correspond to different styles: such as casual relax, classic, business, audacious, sexy or others. Moreover, if you want to go to a romantic meetic or even for a simple exit or an elegant event, there is a large choice of tops: shirts, straight tops, T-shirts, tunics, blouses, corsets, pulls, gilets or others. As well, tops are manufactured in various fabrics: cotton, wool or synthetic fibres.

Top : how choosing?

It is convenient to choose shapes, fabrics and colors of a top depending on one’s morphology. Being with or without sleeves, straight or tight, manufactured with a fluid fabric or a thick tissue, brigth or sombre colors, there are many different tops suitable to any physical constitution. Choosing a top means also choosing a model that enhances one’s shoulders, arms and bust. As an example, women that are A shaped wil choose frilly blouses or fru-fru T-shirts. Those 8 shaped will of course choose a corset in light jersey, a fluid upper part with long sleeves and a top with thin suspenders. However, those X shaped will fit with tight shirts and wrap-around tops.  Those O shaped will choose a tank top or a V T- shirt.

Top: how wearing it?

Tops can match with any piece of clothing to compose dresses that are always different and original, e.g. a top made of lace matches with a gilet in winter. A numbered T-shirt in a typically 90s’ manner may be worn with jeans boyfriend, moreover a top with suspenders and tank tops are heated by  subtle gilets or a jackets made of jeans, perfect  for a dinner out on the terrace.



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